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... Láska k telu...

Séria filmových fotografií, v jemnosti aj sile

 Analog Photography

Love and tenderness, awerness of myself, every touch, smell and love given in the world, in my world, from inside out.

Every smell of my skin, every hardness that I tried, gave me peace. Every moment of pain gave me freedom to be my self, to love my self, my hair, that light shinning from me, inside, from my hands that give  touch, not from outside, and not specifically from hair, or skin, but from the light that is in me. Is peaceful like a fire and is calm like a thunderstorm. When all the pieces come together, small is big and the greatest is so simple and unvisible. Stars are me and Im nothing and everything. Loud is calm. Scars are the most beautiful, long hair so short and short which show the true in me.

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